With the discovery of neuroplasticity we know the human brain can change at virtually any age. Brain health can be transformed through interventions that harness this power. Cutting-edge research demonstrates neuroplastic changes can most effectively be achieved through multi-method (multimodal) programs that additively boost brain and body. 

Amazingly this effect has been found to apply even to those diagnosed with SCI (Subjective Cognitive Impairment) and MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment), which are the phases before the brain slides into dementia. Neuroscience indicates lifestyle risk factors can be lowered and cognition improved significantly through an 8-week intensive program*. NeuroShield embodies the elements that protect against cognitive decline and holds the potential for prevention or reversal of MCI. NeuroShield also offers improvements for milder brain disorders such as Post-Concussion Syndrome, strokes, TBI, PTSD and ADD/Learning Disorders.

Desired Outcome

Lower lifestyle risk factors associated with MCI, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, and improve cognition and function for those currently diagnosed with SCD and MCI.

Suitable For

Subjective Cognitive Impairment and Mild Cognitive Impairment, and for those with milder forms of stroke, TBI, PTSD, Post Concussion Syndrome, and some learning disorders. This program is not suitable for those already diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Fitness Boost: 8 Classes + 2 Private Sessions
  2. Exercise Monitoring & Tracking
  3. Rest & Recovery Program
  4. Brain training and coaching
  5. Nutrition coaching
  6. Pre and post assessment


Starting at $750 and up for 8-week program, based on the number of group vs private sessions and additional services

Contact us to discuss this program for you or your loved one. We are happy to provide an updated quote for customized mix of group and private coaching.

*JAGS 00:1-9, 2020 “BBL-CD: A Lifestyle AD Risk Reduction Randomized Controlled Trial”.
*AAN April 9, 2019 (15 Supplement) May 8, 2019. Van Fleet, Tom et al. “Improvements in Spatial Bias and Functional Outcomes in Chronic Hemi-spatial Neglect: Results of a Multi-Site Phase II Efficacy Trial of a Novel Computerized Attention Training Program”, presented at the American Academy of Neurology, May 2019.