ABM® Neuromovement®

Based on the work of Anat Baniel, protégé of Moshe Feldenkrais, this method recognizes the brain as an information system and gently speaks to it in its own language through the 9 Essentials. The brain gobbles up input from movements, responses and variations of each lesson with the help of focused attention. What the brain does with the information is informed by the science of neuroplasticity; growing new neural pathways, creating detours around dysfunctions, using first approximations to overcome pain and inflexibility. Movement lessons open the door to the potential of the brain to heal itself through a thousand and one ways, making us smarter, calmer, more centered and more able. 

ABM® NEUROMOVEMENT® is offered in two formats. Group and private lessons can be combined for optimum outcomes.
1. Group Transformational Movement Lessons (TML’s)
2. Private Functional Synthesis (FS) Lessons


• Movement with attention
• Slow
• Variation

• Awareness
• Enthusiasm
• Flexible Goals
• Imagination & Dreams
• Turn on the Learning Switch

Desired Outcome

• Increase mobility
• Lessen or eliminate pain
• Upgrade cognitive function
• Improve balance
• Resolve injury
• Promote healthy longevity
• Improve wellness & performance
• Protect against cognitive decline

Suitable For

• Maintaining health and high function
• Those wanting to improve mobility & balance
• Those healing from injury or illness
• Those suffering chronic pain
• Caregivers


• Group TML Classes: $85 for 4
• Private FS Lessons: $340 for 4