What is NeuroHealth?

Join 200 billion neurons with 300 trillion connections between them, and you get one human brain.

This amazingly complex brain guides our very survival and how we feel, move and learn. We think of health in relation to the body, yet it’s actually the brain in charge. Brains adapt based on how each day is lived, creating a uniqueness amplified by our personal story. Together, lifestyle events and choices are responsible for up to 80% of health outcomes. Sadly stress, illness and injury disrupt more than our bodies, they disrupt our brains. NeuroHealth Rewired brings cutting-edge support to your brain and body, enabling you to reap the remarkable health benefits neuroplasticity can offer.

Neuroplasticity means lifestyle interventions can transform us from dysfunction to high function, from foggy to clear, from damaged to healed.

NeuroHealth Rewired has created programs that boost your brain’s most potent learning potential, improving and even transforming health. Programs are based on neuroplastic research, with practitioners licensed or certified by premier entities to apply these validated approaches. Norman Doidge M.D. authored two New York Times bestselling books: The Brain That Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing, describing some of the most effective neuroplastic interventions of modern science. NeuroHealth Rewired programs apply four of these interventions, with more coming soon.

The Neuroscience That Underpins Our Programs

What’s Your Desired Outcome?

How NeuroHealth
Can Transform Your Life

Enhance Mobility, Improve Balance & Reduce
or Eliminate Pain

Build & Maintain Resiliency
& Promote Healthy Longevity

Protect against dementia & AD, and potentially prevent or reverse Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Support Recovery From Stroke, TBI, Concussion, serious heart issues

Joan’s Story

Galloping down a slick path my horse bucked, throwing me before a hard fall. I was in my early 30’s when the ability to move without pain was altered in the blink of an eye. Diagnosed with triple spinal fractures, I moved as if locked in a full-body cast. Over many years my Pilates instructor Rick Burke helped strengthen my back, allowing me to resume sports in small doses.

As a graduate student in Interpersonal Neurobiology I learned about neuroplasticity, which facilitates remarkable healing of brain and body injuries. I began exploring these approaches, including one based on Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ movement method. To my astonishment, four months after enrolling in ABM® Neuromovement® practitioner training, I became pain free with full range of motion in my spine and pelvis. Once limited by the belief that my injuries caused immobility, my body has transformed through neuroplastic changes in my brain.

Joan Parsons
Founder, NeuroHealth Rewired
BA, MBA, Graduate Certificate in Interpersonal Neurobiology

  • ABM® NeuroMovement® Provisional Practitioner (full licensing delayed til 2021 due to Covid)
  • ABI Wellness Trained
  • HeartMath Trained

Rick Burke,
Founder, Master Pilates & Wellness
BS Biology

  • Stott Pilates Comprehensive Certification (CMR + CCCB)
  • Stott Advanced Program Certification
  • Injury & Special Population Certification
  • Pre/Post Natal Certification
  • Gyrotonic Expansion System Certificate

"The brain has the amazing ability to compensate for damage by reorganizing and creating new connections."
- Dr. Pascale Michelon, SharpBrains

Choose The Program That's Right For You

ABM® Neuromovement®

Classes & private lessons that build flexibility, improve balance & recovery from injury, lower pain, maintain and upgrade health

Resiliency Boost

4 week program to boost immunity, build resilience & support Healthy Longevity


Cutting-edge 8 week program to protect against dementia & Alzheimer's & potentially prevent or reverse MCI. Supports concussion, TBI, PTSD, ADD and other impairments


Customized 3, 6 + 12 month multi-approach programs to aid brain injuries including stroke,TBI, serious learning disabilities. Also supports some health conditions.
What They’re Saying

I feel so fortunate to have attended two of Joan’s workshop series. Joan’s knowledge and understanding of the body is remarkable. I am inspired and excited for the potential awakening and movement of long dormant areas of my body. The possibility of moving in comfort rather than pain is priceless!

LindaHealthy Longevity Workshop Participant

I was impressed with Joan’s understanding and knowledge of the anatomy and its relationship with the brain. In my opinion she is uniquely qualified to teach this type of discipline.

John, Age 82Movement class workshop series and private lesson participant

Joan has a special talent of assessing your body’s movements and providing a movement session especially adapted to your needs... She works with her clients in a very communicative way having the client discover what’s happening in their body.

KarenMovement class series and private lesson participant

After just a few private lessons with Joan I have seen a big change in the ability to move my neck with ease and comfort. I suffer osteoarthritis of the neck and could not turn my head without a lot of pain, especially while driving. Now my range of motion in my neck is smoother, more fluid, and pain free.

Ron, Age 72Participant in ABM® Neuromovement™ private FS lesson series